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Atha Ruja

Atha Ruja
Age-old professions like those of blacksmiths, tailors and butchers have become a lost art in the modern world.

Nowadays, everything is mass produced, but in tiny pockets of the old world, there are still artisans who resist mass production.

Atha Ruja is an artisan winery, dedicated to small-scale production and tailored winemaking.

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC - Atha Ruja

Atha Ruja

D.O.C. Cannonau di Sardegna

The original wine that bears the name of the winery.
7,000 bottles of this Cannonau are produced per year to express an honest Cannonau, developed with a power and precise style which makes the winery instantly recognizable.

It is the entry line of the barrique range which also includes Kuèntu®, Tuluj® and Muristellu®

Longevity: 6 years
Available vintage: 2019
Type: Red – Dry
Composition: 100% Cannonau


Produced with Cannonau grapes from native varieties, through massal selection of centuries-old vines, cultivated with the “alberello” training system and family-owned.
Maceration on the skins for ten days and aged in French oak tonneaux for the first cycle.
This is followed by refinement in the bottle laid down for at least six months.


Bright ruby red color enhanced with purple reflections.

Bouquet, Aroma and Taste

Fresh scents of rosemary and the Mediterranean maquis, notes of red fruit and berries, marasca cherries and myrtle blended with a range of spicy notes.
In the mouth, the impact is warm followed by a distinct freshness and notable sapidity.
Subtle traces of tannins.
Good intensity and persistence.

Food pairing

Atha Ruja is a medium-bodied red wine which pairs well with not only second courses of red meat but also with savory first courses.

Try it, for example, with Stewed rabbit and Lamb pastry envelopes.

Storing and Serving Temperature

Store the bottle horizontally at a constant temperature in an area with low lighting.

To ensure the best resting conditions, the bottle should be handled as little as possible to prolong gentle refinement.

Open the bottle at least 30 minutes before serving to encourage slow oxygenation.

Serving temperature: 16-18°C

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Atha is an imposing rust-red colored cliff (Ruja), which stands out among the white limestone walls of the Oddoene Valley.

It is clearly visible from our vineyard, hence the name of the winery.

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