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Age-old professions like those of blacksmiths, tailors and butchers have become a lost art in the modern world.

Nowadays, everything is mass produced, but in tiny pockets of the old world, there are still artisans who resist mass production.

Atha Ruja is an artisan winery, dedicated to small-scale production and tailored winemaking.

Kuentu - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva - Atha Ruja


RISERVA D.O.C. Cannonau di Sardegna

Wine culture in Sardinia may well be the oldest in the Mediterranean. Archeologists have, in fact, discovered prehistoric seeds of the Cannonau grape, dating back to over three million years ago.

Savor the essence of a lost world and the finesse of a finely crafted wine.

A wine of this caliber can only be produced in small quantities: 3,333 numbered bottles produced annually.

Longevity: 10 years
Available vintage: 2017
Type: Red – Dry
Composition: 100% Cannonau


La Riserva.

Produced from Cannonau grapes from native vines at the peak of their ripeness, ideal for producing a long-lived Cannonau with a distinctive character.

They are the very best grapes due to their phenol and aromatic content, which are selected by hand during harvest.

After a slow, twenty-day maceration period in small steel tanks, the batches, that will be used to produce Kuentu, are matured in French oak barriques for at least two years.

After bottling, it is important to observe a period of refinement in the bottle, to refine the texture of the tannins and balance the bouquet of scents.

The glass mellows the wine, showcasing the winemaker’s skill and sensitivity in waiting patiently for this stage to be completed.


Magnificent garnet-red hues.

Bouquet, Aroma and Taste

Truly imposing on the nose.

A bouquet rich in small ripe red and black fruits, hints of marasca cherry and liquorice enhanced by delicate sweet spices and Mediterranean herbs.

On the palate it is warm, savoury and spicy, all perfectly harmonized by a range of mineral notes.

A rich velvety structure is well balanced by its tannic complexity and elegant and gratifying persistence.

Food pairing

It is a wine that pairs well with hearty, slow-cooked meat dishes, substantial and succulent meat main courses, such as Braised beef in red wine and Game stew with polenta.

Storing and Serving Temperature

Store the bottle horizontally at a constant temperature in an area with low lighting.

To ensure the best resting conditions, the bottle should be handled as little as possible to prolong gentle refinement.

Open the bottle at least 30 minutes before serving to encourage slow oxygenation.

If there are signs of characteristic sediment on the sides of the bottle, we suggest decanting it and leaving it to rest for another fifteen minutes before serving.

Serving temperature: 16-18°C

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Kuèntu is the musical rendition of the Sardinian word “Còntu”, which also means story or tale. It was chosen to uphold the memory of our forefathers, who passed on to us the knowledge and expertise associated with working the land.

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