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Terra Sorella

Terra Sorella
Age-old professions like those of blacksmiths, tailors and butchers have become a lost art in the modern world.

Nowadays, everything is mass produced, but in tiny pockets of the old world, there are still artisans who resist mass production.

Atha Ruja is an artisan winery, dedicated to small-scale production and tailored winemaking.

Terra Sorella - Cannonau di Sardegna DOC - Atha Ruja

Terra Sorella

D.O.C. Cannonau di Sardegna

There are five Blue Zones in the world: Okinawa island in Japan, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, the city of Loma Linda in California and Sardinia in Italy.

They are renowned as Havens of longevity.

Each zone has its own special characteristic, but in Sardinia, part of the secret lies in Cannonau, a true concentration of anti-ageing polyphenols.

Terra Sorella is a Cannonau designed to accompany everyday dishes, from meat to fish.

Longevity: 2 years
Available vintage: 2021
Type: Red – Dry
Composition: 100% Cannonau


Once fermentation is complete, the batches destined for Terra Sorella are matured in stainless steel tanks for ten months in order to preserve and increase the freshness and scents of the fruit.
Only a small fraction will end up in the French oak tonneaux where it will rest for a few months.
After being put back with the rest of the batch, it is bottled where it is refined in glass for three months.
The fraction refined in the oak barrels adds softness and structure, resulting in a spicy range on the nose with notes of cinnamon.


Vivid ruby red with purple reflections, a tangible sign of its youth.

Bouquet, Aroma and Taste

Vibrant red fruit and Mediterranean maquis.
With its youth and freshness, Terra Sorella conjures up the typical scents of the Sardinian air, with its breeze imbued with notes of myrtle, flowers and wild essences.
A long fresh, sapid progression is accompanied by a gentle tannin.
A pleasant surprise in summer if served cool, and referred to as Summer Cannonau among our fans.

Food pairing

Its hallmark is its versatility.
It is a young, medium-bodied wine with excellent freshness and sapidity.
This makes it suitable for aperitifs, paired with Spicy cold cuts such as sausage and salami, or fragrant savory Pies.
It pairs well with a wide range of first courses with a certain complexity and fat content, such as Pennette with four cheeses, Bucatini all’Amatriciana or Carbonara spaghetti.
For second courses, it is best paired with less complex dishes, such as Sausage skewers or even with oily fish such as Pan-fried salmon.

Storing and Serving Temperature

Store the bottle horizontally at a constant temperature in an area with low lighting.
Open the bottle at least 30 minutes before serving.
Normal serving temperature: 16-18°C
In summer, it is best served cool, between 13 to 15°C.
We recommend not going below 12-11°C to avoid sacrificing the intense bouquet of scents.
To achieve the ideal temperature, just leave in the fridge for an hour or so before serving.

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The Oddoene vineyard was planted at three separate times.
Nowadays, it looks like a uniform garden of vines, but in the initial years while waiting for the first balanced harvest, the different sectors were referred to by names more in relation to one another.
So, the Sorella (sister) was the section of the Cannonau vineyard opposite the first Cannonau planting, known as Atha Ruja.
Another system is now used to distinguish the sectors and areas under vine, but Terra Sorella stems largely from that part of the vineyard.

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