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Age-old professions like those of blacksmiths, tailors and butchers have become a lost art in the modern world.

Nowadays, everything is mass produced, but in tiny pockets of the old world, there are still artisans who resist mass production.

Atha Ruja is an artisan winery, dedicated to small-scale production and tailored winemaking.

Tuluj - Isola dei Nuraghi IGT - Atha Ruja


I.G.T. Isola dei Nuraghi

Red Carignano (70%), Cannonau and Muristellu grapes. The Carignano grape is the result of the massal selection of centuries-old vines.

Inspired by the prehistoric Nuragic civilization, Tulùj wine conjures up ancient, long-lost worlds, rooted to the earth.

The processing of the grape intensifies the flavors, resulting in a structured, full-bodied and long taste.
Unfiltered wine.

2,000 numbered bottles produced by hand every year.

Longevity: 15 years
Available vintage: 2015
Type: Red – Dry
Composition: 70% Carignano, 20% Cannonau, 10% Muristellu


After a slow, twenty-day period of maceration in small steel tanks, it is rested for three years in French oak barriques selected by age, wood, toasting and grain.

The wine is then refined in bottles laid down for at least one year to allow the development of a broad and intense bouquet of scents.


Intense and bright ruby red colour with clear purple notes.

Bouquet, Aroma and Taste

To the nose it offers notes of red fruits, marasca cherry and cherry, revealing hints of sweet tobacco and wild liquorice.

On the palate it is ample, warm, savoury, with a rich texture of dense and soft tannins that make it particularly elegant.

Food pairing

Tuluj is a full-bodied red to be aged for a long time in the cellar and opened on special occasions.
For pairing with side dishes which include highly aromatic cheeses and with hearty meat dishes. Given its aromatic complexity, it pairs well with Fillet steak with truffle, Venison in sauce and Game stews.

Storing and Serving Temperature

Store the bottle horizontally at a constant temperature in an area with low lighting.
To ensure the best resting conditions, the bottle should be handled as little as possible to prolong gentle refinement.
Open the bottle at least one hour before serving, to allow for slow oxygenation.
If there are signs of characteristic sediment on the sides of the bottle, we suggest decanting the wine and leaving to rest for at least one hour before serving.
Serving temperature: 16-18°C

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Its name refers to Mount Tului, the limestone mountain that separates the countryside of the Oddoene Valley from the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The Tului mountain range closes the Oddoene Valley like a casket and helps protect it from the cold winter winds.

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